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  1. Hold, Menu, and Message keys: Illuminate for call management and notifications.
  2. Graphical Display: Provides intuitive call access and app navigation.
  3. Network and ADA Features: Ensure compatibility and accessibility standards.
  4. Soft Keys and Volume Control: Offer user-friendly call options and adjustments.
  5. Signaling and Configuration: Support network provisioning and protocols.
  6. Voice Quality: Enhances call clarity with noise detection and suppression.Features
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Comprehensive Security Suit  — Unified Threat Management (UTM) combines various security features such as firewall, intrusion detection/prevention, antivirus, anti-spam, and content filtering into a single, integrated platform. This holistic approach provides robust protection against a wide range of cyber threats.

Simplified Management  —  UTM solutions offer centralized management interfaces that allow administrators to configure, monitor, and manage all security functions from a single console. This simplifies the management process, reduces complexity, and enhances operational efficiency.

Proactive Threat Defense  —   UTM systems utilize advanced threat intelligence and real-time monitoring capabilities to identify and mitigate potential security risks before they can cause harm to the network. By continuously analyzing network traffic and detecting suspicious activities, UTM helps organizations stay ahead of evolving threats.

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