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Cisco CP-6945-C-K9


Cisco CP-6961-CK9

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Cisco CP6945-CLK9 Phone


  • Speakerphone for hands-free communication.
  • LED Backlight improves display visibility.
  • Supports SCCP and SIP protocols.
  • Enhanced security with SRTP support.
  • User-friendly design with monochrome display.
  • Flexible connectivity options with dual Ethernet ports.
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The Cisco CP6945-CLK9 Phone Unified IP Phone is a reliable solution designed to meet the communication needs of professional environments. Featuring essential features such as speakerphone functionality and LED backlighting, it facilitates clear and efficient communication for users. With support for protocols like SCCP and SIP, this phone seamlessly integrates within Cisco environments, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

Moreover, the Cisco CP6945-CLK9 Phone prioritizes security with the implementation of Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP), safeguarding sensitive communications from potential threats. Its user-friendly design enhances usability, allowing users to navigate menus and features effortlessly. Additionally, the phone offers connectivity options like dual Ethernet ports and headset connectivity, enabling users to stay connected and productive throughout the workday.

In summary, the Cisco CP-6945-C-K9 Unified IP Phone combines essential features, security measures, and user-friendly design to provide a reliable communication solution for professional environments. Its compatibility with Cisco environments and support for protocols ensure seamless integration, while connectivity options enhance usability and productivity for users.

Cisco CP-6945-CL-K9 IP Phone

  • Speakerphone Functionality: Enables hands-free conversations, fostering multitasking during calls.
  • LED Backlight: Enhances display visibility, particularly in low-light conditions, ensuring ease of use.
  • Protocol Support: Compatible with SCCP and SIP protocols, facilitating seamless integration within Cisco environments.
  • Security Features: Supports SRTP for secure data transmission, ensuring confidentiality during communication.
  • User-Friendly Design: Features a monochrome display and standard cable connectivity, promoting ease of use.
  • Connectivity Options: Equipped with dual Ethernet ports and headset connectivity, providing flexibility in networking setups.

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