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  • Triple color displays provide enhanced visibility and productivity.
  • Built-in Bluetooth (V1 or V2) enables seamless wireless connectivity.
  • Supports wideband codecs G.722 and Opus for immersive HD audio experiences.
  • Efficient audio conferencing with support for up to 3-way or 6-way conferences.
  • Ample storage with a call log capacity of up to 1000 entries.
  • Versatile connectivity options including 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet and optional WiFi dongle.
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The Fanvil X6U is a feature-rich IP phone designed to exceed the diverse demands of businesses. With three color displays, built-in Bluetooth, and support for wideband codecs G.722 and Opus, it aims to enhance flexibility and productivity. With its versatile features and immersive HD audio experience, the X6U offers direct access to instructions, making it an ideal solution for businesses seeking efficient communication solutions.

  • Triple Color Displays: Three color screens provide direct access to instructions, enhancing flexibility and productivity.
  • Built-in Bluetooth: Supports Bluetooth V1 or V2 for wireless connectivity, enabling seamless integration with compatible devices.
  • Immersive HD Audio: Wideband codecs G.722 and Opus deliver high-quality audio experiences, ensuring clear and natural sound in any network environment.
  • Efficient Audio Conferencing: Conduct efficient audio conferences with support for up to 3-way conference (V1) or 6-way conference (V2), facilitating collaboration among team members.
  • Ample Storage: Store up to 1000 entries in the call log, and access 20 line keys and 60 DSS keys for quick access to essential functions and contacts.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Enjoy network connectivity via 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet, and optional WiFi dongle, providing flexibility in deployment and usage.


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