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  • Cisco IP Phone 8861: 5-inch color display, 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch.
  • Programmable line keys: Four programmable line keys and five line keys.
  • Enhanced communication: Full-duplex speakerphone, wideband audio support.
  • Efficient power utilization: Class 4 PoE classification, Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Versatile deployment: Wall-mountable, replaceable bezels, supports third-party call control.
  • Expansion options: Optional Key Expansion Modules (KEMs), multiple USB ports.
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The Cisco CP-8861-K9 is a sophisticated communication device meticulously designed to optimize efficiency and productivity in corporate environments. Boasting advanced features, this phone offers users a seamless communication experience. Its 5-inch high-resolution color display provides crisp visuals, facilitating effortless navigation through menus and options. With ten programmable line keys and five line keys, users can swiftly access various functions, enhancing workflow efficiency and multitasking capabilities.

In addition to its intuitive interface, the Cisco CP-8861-K9 ensures crystal-clear audio quality with its full-duplex speakerphone capabilities and wideband audio support. This allows for immersive conversations, fostering collaboration and effective communication among team members. Furthermore, the phone’s Class 4 Power over Ethernet (PoE) classification ensures efficient power utilization, while Bluetooth connectivity offers added flexibility for users. The option for wall mounting and replaceable bezels adds versatility to its deployment, allowing organizations to customize their phone setup according to their specific needs. With support for third-party call control and key expansion modules, the Cisco IP Phone 8861 emerges as a versatile and reliable solution tailored to modern communication requirements.

Cisco CP-8861-K9

  • Cisco IP Phone 8861 features a 5-inch high-resolution color display for clear visuals and seamless navigation.
  • Equipped with a 10/100/1000 Ethernet switch for reliable connectivity in corporate environments.
  • Offers four programmable line keys and five line keys for swift access to various functions and features.
  • Supports full-duplex speakerphone and wideband audio for crystal-clear conversations.
  • Class 4 PoE classification ensures efficient power utilization, supplemented by Bluetooth connectivity for enhanced flexibility.
  • Versatile deployment options with wall-mounting capability and replaceable bezels, coupled with support for third-party call control and key expansion modules.

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